Talos Awakes - Bronze on Granite

Talos is kneeling on the plinth, head turned, as he was when he first came to life in the 1963 cult classic film Jason and the Argonauts.

Ray Harryhausen had started work on this sculpture in the 1990s; he had made the plinth
for Talos to kneel on but had not sculpted the figure of Talos.

The plinth was loaned to us by the Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation to mould,
for the figure of Talos we have worked directly from the original model.
Talos was first scanned and printed in very high resolution, the 3D print
then underwent painstaking, sympathetic restoration. Once restored Talos was
carefully repositioned into the kneeling stance, with meticulous attention
to detail at every stage. The whole process took several years to complete.

These sculptures are hand made as a numbered limited edition of nine in bronze.

This sculpture is No.5 in the edition and has a granite base.

The height 16" and the weight is 60lb


Talos Awakes Full Size



Bronze on Granite



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